18th- 22nd January 2012
Hall 11 . NEC . Birmingham

General Information

Purchases at the Fair

Visitors are advised that detailed receipts together with a Goods Release pass signed by the exhibitor for items purchased within the Fair must be shown on exit.


A comprehensive security system will be in evidence throughout the Fair. Visitors are kindly asked to leave overcoats, briefcases, shopping bags, umbrellas etc in the cloakroom. Visitors are also advised that security checks will take place at the entrance and exits of the Fair. Your co-operation in this matter is very much appreciated.

Valuations Desk

Please be aware that items of Antiques & Fine Art may not be bought into the Fair by visitors as it compromises the secure vetting process. For your convenience a complimentary valuations desk is situated at the entrance of the fair where valuables may be left.

Pass Outs

Pass Outs give free re-admissions on the same day and are available at the exit.


Please be advised that no photographs are to be taken inside the Fair without permission.


Canvassing for orders by an unauthorised person is strictly prohibited.


Whilst the Organisers and Members of the Vetting Committees at The National Fine Art & Antiques Fair do not in any way hold themselves responsible for or warrant the genuineness or age description of nay article exhibited, visitors are advised that every attempt is made to ensure as far as possible that exhibits are fairworthy and comply with the datelines as detailed.

The Committee reserves the right to admit items of exceptional quality, which may be outside of the stated dateline, at their discretion.